Mohzy Loop Review: the Wearable Micro USB and Apple iPhone/iPod cable


A cable is a gadget accessory.  This is the simple reality to most.  Others try to make it more than that.  To creators like Mohzy, it can also be fashion accessory.  Mohzy’s Loop micro USB and Apple iPhone/iPod cable, an otherwise ordinary accessory, is suddenly hip and cool.  This is consistent with Mohzy’s vision is simplicity, playfulness, and discovering new ways of making the ordinary, out of the ordinary.   Thanks to creative minds behind Mohzy, those who are image conscious have a fashionable option when choosing cables for their gadgets.

Admittedly, one of the most common cables used by gadget owners today is a micro-USB cable.  Smartphones and tablets use micro-USB ports as charging and data transfer ports.  The typical micro USB cable has a micro USB connector at one end and a normal sized USB connector at the other end.  To mobile gadget users, bringing a cable to charge is more ideal than bringing or buying extra battery.  Others would prefer getting battery packs that double as cases but these battery or juice packs add heft and size to the device.

Personally I prefer the cable over other options. Not only do cables charge my gadgets, they are handy when you need to transfer data like photos or music files.  The problem with bringing cables is the inconvenience of having to carry it around, especially if you don’t have a bag or pouch to put it in.  This predicament is what Mohzy tries to solve.  This, naturally, is also its selling point.


Mohzy is a wearable cable. That’s the shortest way to describe it. It has conveniently converted the bland, boring microUSB cable into a fashion accessory. The wire that’s normally enclosed in a thin circular rubber has been embedded in a flat flexible plastic adorned with colorful design. By simply putting magnets at both ends of the cable, Mohzy has transformed the ordinary microsUSB cable into a bracelet.

The Mohzy cable is also for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. Mohzy comes with a dock connector that attaches to the micro-USB connector, transforming this cable into an Apple accessory.  Mohzy comes in different designs, a few of which are featured here.



I have used the Mohzy Loop to charge gadgets, among which are the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the iPad 2.  It worked on these gadgets like a charm.  No issues in connectivity at all.  You can use the Mohzy Loop on your smartphones, mp3 players, GPS devices and others, as long as it connects via micro-USB or Apple’s proprietary dock connector.

The build is also quite good.  In term of usage, your creativity is the limit.  If you don’t want to wear it as a bracelet, you can simply hook it in your bag, your luggage or wherever you want.  The magnetic ends are the key to Mohzy’s usability.  You can even use it as a magnet to secure papers or what have you.  This means it can be handy in the office or at home.    It is also easy to store and can be simply dropeed inside your bag without having to worry that it will get tangled with your stuff.  The flat profile of the cable makes the Mohzy Loop convenient to carry around.

The Mohzy Loop micro USB and Apple iPhone/iPod cable retails for Php795 and is available at these stores:

  • Beyond The Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Hub – CDO
  • Digital Walker
  • Digital Walker – Cebu
  • Digital Walker – Davao
  • Digital Walker – Subic
  • E-central
  • Cellphone Electronics – Cebu
  • EDS – Tacloban
  • Gui – Davao
  • iBook – SM Clark
  • iCenter – Cebu
  • iCenter – Iloilo
  • iCenter – SM Davao
  • iGig
  • iStudio
  • MSY Data Venture
  • Podworx
  • Podworx – SM Calamba
  • Power Hub – Davao
  • Power Mac Center
  • Power Mac Center – Davao
  • Power Mac Center – SM Bacoor
  • Power Mac Center – Subic
  • Sidrah – SM Lucena
  • SKT Digital – Bacolod
  • Technoholics
  • The Inbox Store – SM Clark

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  1. I can’t imagine that iphone/ipod accessory can be a fashionable wearable accessory like this one. I like the way that it can be wear like a bracelet and the fact that its USB cable is functional for use by the said gadget. the design is also commendable that both gender can wear.

  2. No Full Disclosure? I bet the review unit was provided by Mozhy themselves?

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