Musubo MatchBook Pro iPhone 4/4S Case Review

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One of the things I like about owning an iPhone is how I can pick a case that is just right for my needs.   The range of iPHone 4/4S cases available in the market today is simply staggering.  There are a myriad of colors, sizes, textures, designs and features to choose from.  If you want something thin and simple, you can easily find one.  If you want something thick to sufficiently protect your phone, you can also easily find one.   If you want something with playful prints, there are also plenty of cases to choose from.

I have had the chance to review iPhone cases in this blog and the latest case to drop in my doorstep is the Musubo Matchbook Pro iPhone 4/4S case.  Musubo is a Hong Kong based company and for now, it appears like it only manufactures iPhone 4/4S cases.  Checking its website gives you this impression.   The iPhone cases it offers carry the names Eden, RubberBand, Double X, Ripple, Retro, Sexy, Sneaker, and of course, the subject of this review, the MatchBook Pro.

All these names were chosen for a reason.  They somehow describe or represent the design of the product they are named after.  The Eden shows a leaf-like design, the Rubberband a collection of rubber bands, the Double X a couple of letter X’s, the Ripple a water ripple, the Retro an old microphone, the Sexy a number of curves, the Sneaker a sole of a sneaker, and the MatchBook Pro, a collection of matchsticks.  If you see the designs you’ll know that Musubo is not only creative with the names, it is creative with the designs themselves.  Here are the photos of these different products.

These cases tell us how creative the designers in Musubo are.  To me, however, the product packaging is no less creative.  Musubo has taken to great lengths in order to create a very special packaging.  The product is housed in a clear, hard plastic. You can see the MatchBook Pro case even without opening the packaging.

At the side of the clear plastic is a thick black rubber where the name Musubo is etched.   This rubber is not just a design feature, it is also the lock that holds the entire packaging together.  In other words, it is a removable rubber band.  The packaging alone makes this particular iPhone case worth it.  Right from the unboxing, it already feels like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Inside you will find the MatchBook Pro case, screen protectors, a micro fibre fabric, and a soft card for putting the screen protectors.   When purchased separately, screen protectors will set you back a few hundred pesos so knowing that there are screen protectors, micro fibre fabric and a soft card included in the package is a big plus.

The design of the case itself, in terms of pure functionality, is nothing you haven’t seen in other cases.  The slots and openings are pretty standard.  There’s a hole at the back where the camera is positioned, and of course all the buttons on the left side and the top are exposed, so is the charging slot at the bottom of the iPhone.  The case snaps into the phone like most iPhone cases.  Musubo has included a soft cushion at the surface where the iPhone rests its back.



Where the MatchBox Pro differs from other iPhone cases is in the build quality and the materials.   The case is made from strong polycarbonate material so you will definitely feel secure that your iPhone will be protected from accidental bumps and drops.  The case will also last longer compared to most iPhone cases.  The polycarbonate material is also heat-durable, so you can rest assured that the MatchBox Pro will be able to handle your iPhone even during extended use.

The MatchBox Pro has one other feature no commonly present in other – a built in video stand.  How many times have you wished you can put your iPhone down when playing videos?  The MatchBook Pro solves your problem with a stand located at the back of the case.  The stand is designed to look like matchsticks, hence the name.  The match heads are made of silicone, in case you’d care to know.

From a design standpoint, the Musubo Matchstick Pro is a good iPhone case.  It is good-looking and is also highly functional since it has a built-in video stand.  It is also solidly built and made with durable materials so where it matters most, that is, protecting your iPhone, the Musubo Matchstick Pro definitely serves its purpose.

The Musubo Matchstick Pro is priced at Php1,200.  The other Musubo cases are priced as follows:

  • Rubberband                          P950.00
  • Elvis                                             1,200.00
  • Double X                                     950.00
  • Sneaker                                       1,200.00
  • Eden                                             1,200.00
  • Ripple                                          1,200.00

Musubo iPhone 4/4S cases are available at these stores:

  • Beyond The Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Hub – CDO
  • Digital Walker – Davao
  • Digital Walker – Subic
  • Digital Walker – Cebu
  • Digital Walker
  • E-central Cellphone Electronics – Cebu
  • EDS – Tacloban
  • Gui – Davao
  • iBook – SM Clark
  • iCenter – Cebu
  • iCenter – SM Davao
  • iCenter – Iloilo
  • Power Hub – Davao
  • Technoholics
  • The Inbox Store – SM Clark
  • Sidrah – SM Lucena
  • Cellcom – Tacloban

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  1. I thought it was a mini piano, but it was a cool iphone case which is so cute and lovely in green. It is also wonderful that it has a stand attached at the back, like an ipad cover which as stand too. At least aside from being a good cover you can rest your phone here when not in use.

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