uTorrent for Android Now Available for Download


If you use uTorrent to download files online, you’ll be glad to know that you are no longer constrained to the desktop version of the software.

BitTorrent Inc. just released the Android version of uTorrent and you can download it now from Google Play.  Just search for uTorrent Beta and you will get immediately get the install link.

uTorrent Beta works on Android versions 2.1 and higher and it can be used on smartphones and tablets.  If you’re on data plan, this could be a good way to get the most of what you pay for.  uTorrent Beta has the most needed features like the ability to search torrent, subscribe to RSS feeds and set upload and download limits.  Downloading can be done through 3G or 4G but it’s best if you do it over Wi-Fi.


µTorrent Beta for Android is currently free and there’s no speed or size limits.  Go ahead and take it for a spin. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. Ttorrent still better than the beta utorrent. Sa ttorrent no need to open separate webpage to add torrents

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