Twitter App Now With Instagram-Style Photo Filters

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Instagram removed the functionality to post photos on Twitter and with this, it also removed all photos and links of previous posts that came from Instagram.  Now, Twitter just released an update to its mobile app where it added photo filters, Instagram-style.  It’s not clear if the decision of Instagram to remove the compatibility with Twitter was because of the fact that Twitter was planning on using its own photo filters, or if it’s the other way around.  What’s clear is that users of Twitter may now apply filters before posting photos on the micro-blogging site.

I updated my Twitter app and I gave the filters a test drive, so to speak.   Off the bat, I can say that Instagram has more features and more filters as well.  Twitter’s filters aren’t that bad, however.  They are basic, but to most, they cover the filters that are really needed.

When posting a photo, you are shown three main buttons, one for a quick automatic editing, one for filters, and a third for cropping the photo.   There are only eight filters for now and they are all quite good, to say the least.  They really enhance your photos and they apply more dramatic effects compared to Instagram’s filters.  There are no frames, however, nor are there any tilt-shift features.   Once you’re done editing your photo, you are brought to the messaging window where you type your message before hitting the send button.

The use of photo filters definitely enhances the appeal of Twitter.  There are Twitter users who casually use Instagram to edit photos and to these users, there’s no longer any reason to visit Instagram.   What Twitter lacks at this point is a feature to access and display photos exclusively, without having to go to the individual profiles of users.  If this feature becomes available, Twitter will definitely pull many users away from Instagram.  As it stands, Twitter’s new photo filters should not put a serious dent on the popularity of Instagram.

Here’s a video from Twitter that quickly introduces the photo filters feature.

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