Samsung Announces NX300 Mirrorless Camera


Samsung recently announced the NX300 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera which is actually the successor to the NX200.  Mirrorless cameras are being launched in bunches these days.  There are models from Panasonic, Sony and even Canon.  It seems, however, that the platform is not selling so well.  This could be because of the price point at which mirrorless cameras are being offered. They are usually priced like DSLR cameras but the features are just a little above point and shoots, although admittedly with the convenience having to be able to replace the lens just like DSLRs.


The main features of the Samsung NX300 include a a 20.3 megapixel APS-C sensor capable of shooting up to ISO 25,600, up to 8.6fps in burst mode, video recording of up to 1080p60 resolution, and a touch operated 3.31-inch widescreen AMOLED display.

The NX300 also has built-in Wi-Fi so if you are one who loves to share photos, this should be a good feature.  With the Wi-Fi feature, you can share images to a smartphone or a tablet.  There is a Samsung SMART CAMERA app for iOS and Android and through this app, shots can be taken using your phone or tablet as a viewfinder.

In terms of design, the NX300 sports a familiar look, one that has been seen in the Galaxy Camera and a few other Samsung cameras.  It’s a generally nice looking design, with a retro feel to it.

The Samsung NX300 is priced at $749.99. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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