RoundR App for Android Rounds the Corners of your Screen

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Nowadays, there’s an app for almost everything.  Name a thing that you wish your phone can do and chances are, someone already made an app that does exactly the thing that you want your phone to do. What I’ve discovered recently is a new app that simply rounds the corners of your display.  Sometime small enhancements make the entire experience much better, and RoundR does this to your Android device’s display.

Remember how webOS looked like?  The rounded corners of webOS make the OS stand out, among other features.  RoundR will give your Android phone or tablet that look and feel that webOS offers.


RoundR is a free app, so there’s really no harm in downloading the app and trying it out yourself.  It’s really just a simple app that does what it says it does.  It makes the corners rounded and it does nothing else.  If you don’t want rounder corners, don’t bother looking for the app.  If you are one who likes to customize your phone and make it stand out, download RoundR now.

RoundR features full settings which allow for adjusting the radius of the corners.  You can also specifying which corners to enable or disable.

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