LG just made the heavily leaked G Flex phone official.  The LG G Flex, as the name suggests, is a phone with a curved display, showcasing the display technology that the Korean company has developed.

Samsung was the first to unveil a curved display smartphone with the Galaxy Round but the G Flex curves vertically whereas the Galaxy Round curves horizontally.  In terms of practical use, the LG G Flex makes more sense as it is easier to use for calls and to put in pockets.


In terms of specs, the LG G Flex is powered by a 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM and packs a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 3,500 mAh battery.  The G Flex has rear control buttons just like what we saw in the LG G2.   The G Flex has a 6-inch 720p display and weighs only 177g.

LG G Flex with Curved 6-inch Display

The LG G Flex is quite special since it has a self-healing back coating which repairs hairline scratches.  There’s no word yet as to pricing and global availability.


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  1. @drix You should check the video of the self healing. It’s really impressive! :)

  2. @Chloe G-Flex has a lot of functions from the G2, even the rear key is there! Well, I’ve seen a video of the self repairing function of the G-Flex and I was really amazed. :)

  3. @lulu I think it’s only available in Korea. It will be released on the US next year. We’ll just have to wait for this awesome phone! :D

  4. @gem Yeah they released a video! It was really amazing, no scratches! :)

  5. hope to have this phone here in the Philippines this will be a hit!

  6. MarcDanielGarcia True! The curve makes handling better and it’s much more comfortable in the pocket. The rear key makes it even better!

  7. @sarah It has a lot of other cool features too that I want to try! But the self healing technology really is something outstanding!

  8. Really want to try this phone, the curve will make the whole experience really good and different! Awesome :D

  9. Wow, really impressive on the part of LG.
    Curved screen + rear key + self healing technology

  10. G2 has so many distinct and useful features! Definitely one of the best smartphones!
    For G-Flex, it was kind of bold to say that it has a self-repairing function! But LG never failes to impress with their innovations!

  11. at first i don’t know the sense of having  a curve phone with round,, but after G flex release wow! it is a self- healing phone :)

  12. yeah right! why not read the whole article.. also the G-flex has the self-repair function for scratches of the phone.. that’s why it has the curved back!

  13. i’m not sure when it will be available here.. but for now let’s enjoy the LG G2 first, it also has the rear key :))

  14. Indeed! the self-repairing function of the G-flex is so promising! while waiting for the g-flex in the phils. I say i want to focus more on the G2’s amzingness! so much to ogle on! :)

  15. SilverDionisio Reply

    Oh! and i’ve read an article that the the back curve is for the self healing process of the phone that removes the scratches.. so cool! :)

  16. The battery capacity and the self healing sounds impressive.
    Hope it will available here soon!

  17. The curve makes the phone easier to use for calls and to put in pockets

  18. JhangJimenez Reply

    i try this phone in sm when i saW  the G2 think i am inlove and shocks because of the specs and application very amazing…

  19. The self healing back coating sounds really promising.
    I’m glad they decided to keep the rear button from the G2!

  20. The article itself mentioned “easier to use for calls and to put in pockets.”
    I think it’s because the G Flex was curved along the contours of the face.

  21. SilverDionisio Reply

    Maybe the curve is for a better grip? from the looks of it its so cool! plus the rear key at the back like the LG G2’s adds to the mininalist design.. :))

  22. Jerick Mac Reply

    and im having hard time putting my phone in my pocket without worrying it might break now this, another pocket no-no phone that’s why 5-inch beyond is a pocket curse now this is worse…

  23. Michael John Casauay Reply

    Probably to fit in to the shape of mobile users’ face while talking over the curved phone.

  24. Ferdinand Angeles Reply

    I’m not going to spend extra money for a warped phone

  25. Ferdie Bareng Reply

    better try a demo phone so we can judge whether this new type of phones would be worth it.

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