The Future of Cloud Computing in the Philippines

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The impact of cloud computing in developed countries has been massive and widespread. It’s quickly become an essential part of daily business operation for companies all over the UK and USA.

It’s gotten to the point where there are actually IT specialists dedicated to helping companies set up their cloud computing infrastructure. Businesses like TSG, based in the UK, help other businesses adopt these new software solutions and guide them through the process. But what about developing countries like the Philippines; how could the cloud benefit them?


There are a lot of potential opportunities if the Philippines adopted a cloud computing model. IT users would no longer have to endure the cost of new technology because it would be shifted to the service providers. The country would be able to harness the power of the internet to democratise their access to new technology, while making significant economic strides.

It could also create new online-orientated jobs such as web developers, architects and administrators. Cloud computing has the potential to shift the focus away from physical technology to a more business-orientated model. In an article posted by Computer World UK, Carole Schlocker said: “If you’re able to get one of these jobs, in many cases it’s a skill set that is less technical and more managerial and administrative … “

The Philippines is a country that believes in IT.  Filipinos have a high interest in the technology and are eager to learn new computing systems. This positive attitude gives a lot of hope to the future of cloud computing. It also helps that the country already has a talented IT workforce that is comfortable with the predominately English language that dominates the internet.

Being free of an authoritarian government has also benefited the country and allowed it to become one of the best at networking and hacking. With this knowledge base, the adoption of the cloud computing is an intelligent match. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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  1. the only problem I see here is that we have a very slow internet connection..
    and the connection is a lot more expensive that what is offered overseas.

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