iPhone users, specifically iPhone 5 and 5s, now have the option of getting a physical keyboard for typing courtesy of the TYPO Keyboard Case.  This accessory is a case that has a physical keyboard at the bottom.  Design-wise, the keyboard looks like that of the BlackBerry Q10 so when it is attached to the iPhone, the device suddenly resembles an ultra long BlackBerry.

Typo Keyboard Case for iPhone

What I don’t like about the TYPO Keyboard Case is that it connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth.  This means that the battery life will be shortened.  The TYPO Keyboard Case does not have a battery pack which could have at least extended the iPhone’s power.  Furthermore, the TYPO Keyboard Case covers the home button of the iPhone.  That takes away a lot of features.  The only practical use I see for the TYPO Keyboard Case is when you type long emails or long documents, which should be done on a desktop anyway.

Good thing is, the TYPO Keyboard Case is not that expensive. It is priced at $99 and it can now be pre-ordered online at typokeyboards.com.



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