SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Unboxing and First Impressions

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I previously posted the specs and features of the SKK Mobile Mirage S1, an Android handset that is a dead ringer for the HTC One.  This cannot be denied from the phone’s design, but for a lot of people, it’s actually a good thing.  The SKK Mobile Mirage S1 is priced at Php3,999, a surprisingly low price considering the phone’s 5-inch display.

Unboxing the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 is a pretty straightforward affair.  The packaging is fairly simple and taking the lid off of the box reveals the most basic accessories you can get from a smartphone.  The box for the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 comes with the battery, a USB-microUSB connector, a charger, a set of headphones and a product manual.


Picking up the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 is actually gives you the immediate feeling that it’s not cheap.  In other words, the price is too low for its quality.



The phone feels solid in the hand and there are no loose parts or creaking sounds.  It feels plastic, alright, but it’s one solid phone.  The SKK Mobile Mirage S1 has a plastic enclosure and a plastic back cover. The buttons feel solid and has good tactile feedback.


Powering the phone up reveals a bright display with sufficiently crisp resolution.   The viewing angle leaves something to be desired but overall, the display is impressive for a phone this cheap.  Navigating the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 is quick and smooth, again, belying the phone’s cheap price.

I will soon post a full review of the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 so watch out for that.  In the meantime, here are a few more photos of the SKK Mobile Mirage S1.


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  1. how does it perform? like gaming such as asphalt7 or dead trigger2 does it lag too much? what about the browsing ? video and photograpic quality? good or garbage?

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