Facebook Announces Paper, a Different Kind of Facebook App

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Facebook recently announced Paper, a new Facebook app for the iPhone. The app is a redesigned version of Facebook’s News Feed. It probably got its design cues from Flipboard, as it has similar features. Like Flipboard, you can navigate through the stories by flipping through the pages. Facebook users can also create their own stories, and preview how their posts will look before sharing them. They can also choose topics of interest to view, and post photos and status updates.

Image from Facebook
Image from Facebook

I think this app could bring a different dimension to the way we experience Facebook. It certainly breathes a new life into it. And it could affect the existing Facebook app, if not negatively. 

Paper will be available for download in the US on February 3. No word yet on when it will be available internationally, or if (or when) it will come to Android.

Click on the link to see the introductory video from Facebook.

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  1. TechnoBaboy Reply

    For now, its only available on iOS. No announcement yet for android.

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