Introducing the HTC Advantage (No, its not a phone)


HTC recently announced the HTC Advantage program. The program is designed to tackle two major concerns of smartphone owners (damaged screens and updates), along with some cloud storage. The program actually sounds interesting. The catch, though, is that its only available to US customers, and that it covers only the HTC One, HTC One Mini and HTC Max smartphones.

First, HTC will be offering a free one-time screen replacement within the first six months of ownership. This looks to be a good deal because the screen is one of the most expensive part of any phone to replace.

Second, they are guaranteeing timely updates for two years from the date the phone launches as well as improvements to its own Sense UI. This looks to be a better deal if HTC can deliver. And finally, the company will include 50GB of Google Drive storage with their phones.

In addition to all this, HTC will also be giving 50 gigabytes of free storage with Google Drive for two years.

This sound all good, but again, its only available to US customers. Hopefully it eventually extends to other markets, and that it slows down the slide they are currently experiencing. If it does become widely available, will this pique your interest in purchasing a HTC phone?

Via Android Central

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