Samsung Outs the Gear Fit Health-Centric Smartwatch

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Image from Gizmag
Image from Gizmag

Not content with two Galaxy Gears, Samsung has announced the Gear Fit – a fitness-centric smartwatch/band with notification features and a curved display.

Moving away from the Galaxy Gear design, the Gear Fit has an elongated and curved Super AMOLED display which measures at  1.84 inches with 423 x 128 resolution. The device is very light at just 27 g. It also has an interchangeable wrist strap and will come in black, orange, and mocha gray.

Besides telling time and pushing notifications from your phone, the band includes a health-tracking software with pedometer functionality and a heart rate monitor. Unfortunately the Gear Fit is only limited to Samsung Galaxy phones.

Now, this I like. I like how it looks, how it has notifications and that it also has health-related functions. The only thing that will hold this back, for me at least, is that it only works with (expensive) Samsung Galaxy phones.

Like the Galaxy S5, the Gear Fit will be launching globally in April. No details about the price was mentioned.

Source Gizmag

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  1. MNMobileGuy Reply

    kboeckman mobile_marky ehh, not quite correct. The original Gear can be modified to be paired with ANY Android- I’m sure this one will too

  2. mobile_marky Reply

    kboeckman that’s sadly what Samsung do I’m afraid. There are enough Samsung devices around so it works too.

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