You Might Need to Change Passwords because of the Heartbleed Bug

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This piece of news has been around for awhile now. But for those who do not know, a bug known as the Heartbleed Bug was recently discovered. In a nutshell, its an encryption flaw that will enable someone to secretly gain access to compromised servers of your most used or visited sites and have access to personal account information such as passwords, personal account details, etc. The bug has already been patched, but the scary thing is, its been around for awhile (like December 2011). So, who knows how many accounts were compromised. I don’t need to tell you how scary that is.

Mashable reached out to some of the most popular sites on the web and compiled a hit list of “must change password now” sites. I recommend browsing through the list.  The list contains popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, to name a few.  Click on the source link to find out what other sites are affected by the Hearbleed bug.

Source Mashable

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  1. CloudFlare sent me a notification that sites under CF are protected and nothing to worry about the bug.  I checked  and it didn’t affect my website.

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