Starmobile NFC Tags Announced

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Starmobile announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing their own NFC tags to compliment the Starmobile Octa. I’m assuming you can pre-program specific commands to automatically activate when your NFC-capable phone comes in contact with the tags. Or you can even program the tags themselves to give out  details like contact numbers or URLs via NFC.

The Starmobile NFC Tags are listed as “coming soon.” So you might be awhile before its out in stores.

I tried programming tags to automate some functions before using an Android app and some key cards we accidentally brought home with us from vacations. I tried to automate things like turning on WiFi when I’m at home. But I found it personally cumbersome, so I gave up using it. Anyway, here is an old article from Lifehacker to give you an idea what you can do with NFC tags. It might interest you to try it.

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