Apple Reliant on Samsung for iPad Displays

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Talk about a weird love-hate relationship between Apple and Samsung. Despite their much publicized patent wars, it turns out that both companies still need each other. In a big way.

According to a report by market research company DisplaySearch, Samsung Display is Apple’s number one supplier of display panels for the iPad. A total of 5.2 million units of 9.7 inch display panels were shipped to Apple by Samsung in Q1 of 2014. That’s 62% of the total shipments of that particular display size and resolution.The other 38% belong to Apple’s other supplier, LG Display.

Like I said. Love-hate relationship. Apple needs Samsung’s technical know how and capabilities in display technology, while Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest clients. I’m guessing the money Apple gets from patent disputes are like discounts for Samsung’s displays and chips. Or something like that.

The displays mentioned belong to the iPad Air and the iPad with Retina Display.

Via Ubergizmo | Source CNET

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