The Essential Smartphone Apps for Every Smartphone OS

At the end 2012, statistics showed that there were about 1.2 billion people worldwide using mobile applications and there has been a continuous rise in the numbers since then. The number of applications downloaded in 2013 ranged from 56 to 82 billion and will constantly be increasing according to forecast. With so many applications available for the smartphone today, how do you pick which are essential and applicable with your smartphone regardless of your phone’s operating system.

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Keeping personal data secured is important. Our smartphones have become a good source of information and often times, we store confidential data in it. Cybercriminals are slowly targeting the mobile world because of the increasing volume of mobile transactions. Also, there is a growing trend in application downloads and it is not surprising that this has caught the attention of cybercriminals. Mobile applications have become a threat vector, wherein malware and phishing attacks are being made under the guise as legitimate applications.

SECUREit is another free application that protects your device against viruses, spam, and malware threats with a single touch. It features anti-theft protection that locks down the device and makes it unusable without a password, in case someone tries to change the SIM card. It also features a privacy guard against suspicious access to your private information. In addition, SECUREit can block spam texts and calls, track data usage and encrypt private calls and contacts while wiping the cache clean and closing redundant applications for better performance.


Weather changes in the country can sometimes be frustrating. You wore the perfect summer outfit to work that was perfect for a sunny warm morning. By mid-afternoon, you noticed dark clouds forming and by the time you stepped out of the office, it was raining cats and dogs. Simply put, the weather changes greatly affects your daily decisions, which is why a weather forecast application is a must-have in your to-download list of smartphone apps.

The AccuWeather application provides accurate and reliable weather data in local and international areas. This customizable application features MinuteCast that provides up to the minute weather forecasts for the next two hours that is hyper-localized to your exact address. You also automatically get push notifications of severe weather alerts so that you can prepare ahead of time and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones on top of anything else. 


Love taking photos with your phone? The SNAPit camera application can bem a photo enthusiast’s best friend. SNAPit allows users the flexibility with its different shooting modes such as panorama and burst mode for different lighting conditions and scenes. It also features special effects and fun filters that you can play around with, making the experience more enjoyable. Win the SNAPit application, you may in fact, edit the photo or image inside the application. You can remove unwanted objects in the photo and create animated GIF files.


The SEEIt application complements the SNAPit with its interesting gallery interface for a remarkable photo viewing. This application uses facial recognition that automatically categorizes them into folders. In addition, this application includes one-touch filters and effects such as skin tone enhancements.


It is with such convenience to have an application that allows you to find a cab with a peace of mind. It is a sad truth that passengers in the country are usually faced with problems of either cabbies trying to haggle over fares and turning down passengers, or worst, being the victimized by organized taxi crimes.

GrabTaxi is a taxi booking and dispatching service that allows users to book a cab that’s within the area through the application. The taxis are registered into the application, which makes it safer for passengers because all cabbies have their information stored into the the application’s database. Through GPS, the cabbie will get to your location and voila, you’ll be on your way in no time.


File sharing can be tedious and sometimes even time consuming. In a fast-paced environment, wouldn’t we love anything that can make our lives easier? SHAREit is a mobile file transfer application that allows you to wirelessly transfer practically any file to any device or groups of devices. It lets you transfer photos, music files, videos, contacts, documents, and even other other applications without the need for cables. Users doesn’t even need to have Bluetooth or WiFi or data connection to be able to transfer files.

Lenovo DO It Apps

SHAREit lets you instantly to share a photo album, large music and video files with up to five friends and is 40 times faster than Bluetooth. Using the device’s Wifi Radio, the SHAREit application can connect to anyone it sees in its range and can start rapid sharing.


Losing data from your smartphone can be devastating especially in today’s time when our devices are already an essential part of our lives. Whether you’ve got a new device or you are simply trying to migrate your phone’s data, backing up your phone can save you from potential smartphone disasters. Thankfully, the SYNCit application offers instant backup of contacts, call logs and SMS messages. These data may also be restored within seconds on any phone or device with a single touch.

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  1. as an android user I think the follow should be the most needed apps for an ANDROID device(rooted)

    1. Root Explorer
    2. MxPlayer
    3. Titanium Backup

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