Fashion Layering for the Holidays with Lenovo VIBE X2

The VIBE X2 is the world’s first multi-layered smartphone! What I liked best about the Vibe X2 are the VIBE Xtensions: particularly, the VIBE X2 Battery and VIBE X2 speaker. It adds functionality as well as adding another layer. Read on to find out more about the stylish offering from Lenovo

As the temperature drops, warm up to the idea of piling on layers of your fashion favorites, and stand out from the crowd by complementing your getup with the slim and ultra-stylish Lenovo VIBE X2, the world’s first multi-layered smartphone.

Layered Dressing

Layered looks outperform one-piece wonders. Layering puts your personal spin on off-the-rack items with endless combination possibilities. It’s alsof adaptable. Add a layer to dress up or remove one item for a lighter look. Here are a few tips to show you how to layer like a pro:

1. Let the inner layers show to create a unique statement.

Wear long-sleeved blouse underneath a shift dress. Let the collar of a button-down polo peek through a round-neck tee. Then step up the drama by using contrasting pops of color, and let the layers come together beautifully.

2. Layer to create warmth and substance, not bulk.

Gone are the days when warding off the chill means disappearing inside bulky, shapeless sweaters. The modern style strategy is to combine several thin, coordinating pieces for a classy way to feel cozy.

3. Be ready to add functional extra tiers that will level up, instead of clash with, your wardrobe.

Some fab, useful accessories can polish one’s layered outfit in an instant. An unexpected business meeting calls for the power of a necktie. While a scarf chic-ifies casual garb for a spur-of-the-moment date.

4. Aim for “effortlessly chic” so it won’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Some combinations are tough to pull off. Don’t look like a Christmas accessory . Avoid print-on-print, head-to-toe Goth, and the like. Sometimes, when you don’t overthink it, the outcome is better.

5. Add the eye-catching Vibe X2 for a great finishing 

The Vibe X2 turns heads with a signature layered design — yet still a sleek 7.277mm thin and a mere 120g in weight. The VIBE X2 is big in style, technology and performance.It’s the first smartphone with the latest MediaTek MT6585 True-Octa-core processor. MediaTek unlocks the full power of all eight cores for real 4G LTE speeds. This means superior multi-tasking feats and excellent performance-per-watt. Users can enjoy great multimedia features, smooth gaming, fast 4G data transmission rates and long battery life.

Vibe X2 runs on Kitkat 4.4, the latest version of the Android OS, promising memory optimization and touchscreen responsiveness and accuracy. On top of that, it boasts of the Vibe UI 2.0 for instant out-of-pocket access to camera, favorite apps, and more, right from the lock screen.

Vibe X2 features innovative click-on cases known as the VIBE Xtensions: the VIBE X2 Battery and VIBE X2 speaker. These extra layers add functionality and performance without interfering with the phone’s good looks. The ultra-thin (5.1mm) X2 Battery does double duty by protecting the phone and extending the battery life by nearly 75 percent. The X2 JBL Speaker amplifies high-fi music and movie audio experience. Its stand that allows for hands-free usage and a built-in mic for group conference calls.

These extras build on the already impressive features of the VIBE X2, including two advanced cameras with auto-shutter gesture controls, full HD display providing crisp, vibrant colors, and Lenovo DOit Apps for sharing pics, securing your device or syncing your info to the cloud.

Lenovo VIBE X2’s 13MP auto-focus, rear camera comes with a back-illuminated sensor and LED flash to produce sharp, brilliant shots. Uncomplicated and intuitive to use, the 5MP wide-angle front camera makes selfies effortless thanks to the auto-shutter that is activated by the blink of an eye or a smile. These features combine with 32GB of ample internal storage.

Lenovo VIBE X2 is now available with an SRP of P18,999 at all Lenovo Mobile Exclusive Stores and authorized resellers of Open Communications, Lenovo’s exclusive smartphone distributor.

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