Star Wars fans are probably having an awesome Christmas! First, the new trailer (albeit short) of the upcoming Star Wars movie came out, and then this. 2014-12-26 11-37-28

Its been over a year since the classic has been released to iOS. Now, Android users can partake in the fun. Released back in 2003,the first Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) RPG was one of the must play games for Star Wars fans back in the day (I mean, besides the Jedi Knight series). It was critically acclaimed back then, and most likely, its still a good play now. The company that brought it to Android, Aspyr Media, mentioned in the game’s description that the KotOR was not slimmed down for mobile in any way. It is the full KotOR experience, hence the ginormous 2.4GB download.

KotOR can now be downloaded from Google Play for $5 or PHP223.18. Its currently on 50% discount to celebrate the launch on Android. 2014-12-26 11-34-52

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