Kodak to enter Android phone market

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When I was younger, the term”Kodak” or “kodakan” was synonymous to taking photos. That’s how well known they were back then. Kodak was the photo and imaging brand of choice. Sadly, the once proud and mighty company was not able to adjust to the times and was late to enter the digital world. As a result, the company filed for bankruptcy in January 2012.

In an effort to become relevant, Kodak recently announced that its going to have its own line of smartphones. The company is planning to show it off at the CES 2015. No other details are available other than announcement, but most likely the company will focus primarily on a photography centric device, bringing “best-in-class image management software and features along with great design and UI.”

Kodak won’t be making the phones themselves, but will instead rely on Bullit Group – the company behind CAT’s rugged Android phone. With its partner, the imaging company is also reported to release a tablet and a connected camera.

While it remains to be seen if their devices can compete against the mobile industry’s established brands, the battle for relevance in today’s age is going be a lot more difficult than they think. Just ask Nokia and Blackberry. I, for one, am curious to see what they come up with.

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  1. Peter Tizon Reply

    this will continue Nokia’s Legacy in Mobile Imaging, finally, a Kodak Mobile Phone.. ;)

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