Sun Broadband lets you customize your broadband plans; Holds Gadget Plan sale in SM MOA

The Sun Broadband has updated their Gadget Plans, letting subscribers choose from a range of devices, then combining it with a data plan that suits their needs.

Sun Broadband Gadget Plans

Its a two step process: Choose a gadget (with monthly rates starting at P199), then choose a plan. That’s it. For example, you could choose the Acer Iconia One 7 tablet plus Pocket WiFi bundle for a monthly amortization of P249 then combine it with Plan 250 for 700MB of  data, creating your own Gadget Plan at only P499 per month for 24 months.

“Users typically don’t want to be limited with their choices, so we’re giving them the flexibility and freedom to choose the perfect plan for them with the new Sun Broadband Gadget Plans. With a fully customizable array of gadget and plan offers, subscribers can now get the right gadget plan that’s perfect for them,” said Michele Curran, FVP for Data Services at Sun Cellular.

Wide range of gadgets

With Sun Broadband’s Gadget Plan, you can choose from a variety of gadgets. You can opt for the O+ USA Fab Lite 3G Tablet (P199 monthly gadget fee) for an easy-to-carry gadget for those on the go, the Huawei Media Pad Youth 2 (P249) for all-day battery life, or even a Sony PS Vita (P649) for pure gaming bliss. The telco also offers a wide range of hybrid tablets, notebook and Smart TV options, like the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph (P649), the HP 14 Notebook (P699), and the MyView 32-inch Smart TV (P649), among many others.

You can then pair the devices with base plans to form your very own Gadget Plan: Plan 250 with 700MB of volume data allowance; Plan 350 with Non-Stop Surf; Plan 450 with Non-Stop Surf plus 500MB of Open-access data allowance; and Plan 699 with Non-Stop Surf plus 1.5GB of open-access data allowance.

Non-Stop Surf allows subscribers to do light and casual Internet activities all month, including web searching, reading blogs and news sites, social media browsing, e-mail reading, chatting, navigation, and playing games. The open-access data allowance, meanwhile, can be used for video streaming, uploading and downloading.

Gadget Sale

To help you pick a gadget plan unique to your needs, Sun Broadband will have a Gadget Plan Sale from March 26 to April 1 at the SM Mall of Asia. Users can get help in choosing the data plan that’s perfect for their lifestyles and subscribe to Sun Broadband’s gadget offers.

To subscribe, simply visit The Sun Shop nearest you. For a full list of gadgets and plans that users can mix and match, visit, or check Sun Broadband’s social networking accounts ( and for more updates.

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