Review: Fluxmob Bolt is a 3000mAh powerbank and a charger in one

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Combo devices rock because its always great when a single device can do more than one useful function. Enter the Fluxmob Bolt. It’s a 3000mAh powerbank AND  a charger. The idea is so good that it begs the question, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”

fluxmob-bolt (1)


The Fluxmob Bolt is no bigger than most wall chargers and measures in at 2.75 x 1.33 x 1.10 inches. It has a rectangular shape with clean angular lines and etched logos. The unit is coated with a matte finish that feels soft and rubbery when touched. On the hand, it is very solid, with excellent build quality.

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On the front of the device is a small button which you can press to check how much juice the powerbank has remaining. With it are four blue LEDs to indicate the power level, and a green LED that lights up when the device is in use. Pressing the button for a few seconds also turns on/off the powerbank function. Finally, the device has a foldable plug which closes flushed on the back side, and a USB port at the bottom.

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Powerbank/Charger Combo

What makes the Fluxmob Bolt so interesting is that it is designed to replace your charger and at the same time act as a powerbank. The idea is so convenient that you have to wonder why this hasn’t been done before. The Bolt has a 3,000mAh lithium ion battery with 5v/1 amp output. Some may argue that the capacity is small, but it’s actually just right. Unless you’re a really heavy user, chances are you just need one additional charge to get you through the day.

While testing the Bolt, I was able to charge a Galaxy S6 from less than 40% to 100% in less than an hour. The Bolt was down to 2 LED lights (50% or less). It can charge most phones (or the S6 at least) for one and less than a half times.

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The Fluxmob Bolt is one of those rare devices that is hard not to recommend. It’s small, has excellent build quality, and it’s very convenient. I mean, it’s a charger and a powerbank — what’s not to like, right?

The Fluxmob Bolt is now available and retails for Php2,800. It can be found in Lazada.

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