Urbanears has just released its latest color collection in the Philippines. Because black is (sometimes) boring, you’re favorite Urbanears headphones now come in Jam, Chick or Mint.


JAM. Let a pair of headphones in deep pink be the jam of your fashion.  Plug in this gorgeous pair of headphones and enjoy your jamming session.

CHICK. These chick headphones are bound to make you chic. With a color as bright as the sun, this pair of light and tangy yellow headphones will surely make any outfit shine.                                                                                              

MINT. Mint is as fresh as a newly made mojito or an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.  With these headphones, you’ll be in mint condition all day, every day.

I remember one of my favorite go-to-headphones for commuting was a green Urbanears Tanto. I loved it. Not only did I get it for free (came with my credit card, along with an iPod Shuffle) but it sounded good too. Best of all, it was lightweight and very comfortable, and it came with a mic. Sadly, it went the way of the dodo bird due to natural wear and tear.

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