PLDT SME Nation brings Google Apps for Work to SMEs


PLDT SME Nation announced that it is now offering Google Apps for Work to SMEs. The move is aimed at helping SMEs improve operational efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve revenues.

“Google Apps for Work is a convenient and cost-efficient way to harness the benefits of today’s rapidly advancing technology. With our reliable and powerful network infrastructures, SMEs can overcome the barriers that eventually lead to low productivity,” said PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business Kat Luna-Abelarde.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is a collaboration suite of productivity tools that will enable co-workers to effectively work together from anywhere. The applications are categorized accordingly – Communicate, Collaborate, Manage and Store.

Under Communicate, featured applications include Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and Google+. For Collaborate, applications included are Sheets, Forms, Docs, Slides and Sites. For storage, SMEs can take advantage of Google Drive, and for management purposes, Google Admin and Vault.

The service is web-based, and is shown to reduce operational costs including maintenance and capital investments. Studies have shown that shifting from on-site to web-based applications can contribute up to 85 percent worth of energy savings.

The suite of applications can also help improve coordination and communication among work mates particularly when they are out of the office. For instance, co-workers can conduct meetings remotely using Google Hangouts and jointly review documents using Google Sheets or Google Docs.


SMEs can choose between two packages — the basic Google Apps for Work , priced at US$50 annually per user, and Google Drive for Work, at US$120 annually per user, which has all the inclusions of Google Apps for Work but is powered up by unlimited storage. Both packages come with mobility devices, such as tablets and pocket WiFi devices, as add-ons. PLDT subscribers also have the advantage of being able to upgrade to hardware and connectivity bundles to supplement work place tools.

Google Apps for Work will be offered by PLDT SME Nation to SMEs through ePLDT subsidiary IPC, an Internet data center and cloud services company.

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