Facebook will expand Like button to include new emoticons

Last week, Engadget reported that Facebook was testing a new way of liking posts on the social media site. The tech giant introduced a set of emoticons called Reactions. Basically, it allows you to express how you feel about posts on your newsfeed.


This new set of emoticons offer a wide range of emotions, allowing you to express your feelings about a post beyond just liking it. Aside from the Like button, you could click a heart, a laughing face, a smiling face, a shocked face, a sad face and an angry face. There’s still no Dislike button though, but at least there’s a sad and angry face you could use on those posts about politicians.

I find this interesting, only because I have liked (and then subsequently un-liked) too many posts bearing sad or bad news. I mean, how many times have you liked a post about someone’s dead pet. Admittedly though, I have awkwardly liked a post to “acknowledge” it. With Reactions, I could at least offer a more Facebook appropriate response (if ever there was one).

The feature rolled out in Spain and Ireland last week. Hopefully, it rolls out in the Philippines during election season :-).

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[Image from Engadget]

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