According to a report by Sammobile, Google is rumored to step in and help the Korean tech giant optimize TouchWiz.

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Googled TouchWiz

That’s right. We could be on the verge of seeing a material design, Google optimized TouchWiz. And it makes sense that the internet search giant work with Samsung on this one. The Korean company is the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer and a huge chunk of its phones run on Android based TouchWiz, making it the most popular Android ROM. Improvements to make it better, faster and smarter could only be good for both brands and its fans.

I know that this bit of news is not new, but man, I hope this is true. I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it is a great phone. But sometimes, you get hampered by TouchWiz’s bugs and other things. Sometimes I wish it runs stock, but having a Google-optimized TouchWiz is just as good.

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