PLDT Enterprise Launches eLearning Program for Millennials


PLDT Enterprise, via Digital Mobility, launches SMART’s new eLearning Program, a digital technology-backed education tool for academe and training institutions.

SMART eLearning Program

The eLearning Program consists of a suite of products that uses internet-based technologies designed for schools. It was developed to help students, teachers, school administrators, parents, among others.

​​ “Today’s millennials have learned to accept the role that devices play in their daily lives. It is important to bring in this new technology into the classroom, for both the obvious, physical reasons, such as lighter physical loads versus heavy books and notebooks, as well as for technological benefits,” said Gio Abaquin, Head of Digital Mobility, Disruptive Business Group (DBG).

The SMART’s eLearning Program is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides an end-to-end Digital Campus Experience. Accessible to authorized teachers, admin, and students, the suite offers services such as PLDT iGate, SMART WiFi, SMART M2M SIMs, SMART Prepaid SIMs, customized website with eCommerce capability to help establish online presence, Vehicle and Personnel trackers for the school transport as well as for student use, customized App, including evolved learning solutions such as SMART’s eLearning LMS and Microsoft Office 365.

“We are very pleased to have included in our service portfolio an educational digital tool that not only benefits students, but also the entire school ecosystem. Parents, for example, will be able to gain access to their child’s developmental progress. Educators, on the other hand, will be able to freely interact with both students and parents on the more important aspects of today’s learning experience,” added Nico Alcoseba, Head of PLDT’s Disruptive Business Group.

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