justice league trailer

Justice League’s newest trailer just dropped and it is awesome.

Justice League Trailer

I’m really more of a Marvel fan, but hey, I like comic movies in general and this one I am very excited to see. The new Justice League trailer is out and it is awesome. The video shows the characters, some team dynamics, and a few scenes of them facing off against Darkseid’s parademons amid the soundtrack of “Come Together” by Godsmack.

Throughout the clip, we also see a bit more detail on how the movie shows the Flash’s powers, and how badass Aquaman looks. There’s even a funny part wherein the Flash (played by Ezra Miller) asks Batman (Ben Affleck) what his powers are; to which he answers “I’m rich.” So that’s one thing he and Ironman has in common.

For all those who hasn’t seen this yet, here it is — Justice League’s newest movie trailer!

YouTube video

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