A smartphone with five to nine lenses are in the works. Are you excited for this development? 

Multi-lens Camera Phone

The image above is the Light L16, a camera with 16 lenses at the back. It takes a photo with all lenses simultaneously and stitches it for one big photo. The company is said to be developing a similar technology for use on smartphones.

According to the Washington Post, Light already has a working prototype with five to nine lenses on the rear. The lenses work together to deliver DSLR quality photos of up to 64 megapixels. In addition, the technology promises better low-light performance, more sophisticated depth effects, and superior zoom capabilities.

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While prospects of a multi-lens camera phone with DSLR quality photos sound enticing, this most likely won’t come cheap. Aside from the cost of the technology, a high level of computing power is needed to process this kind of photos. That would mean top notch internals.

And looking at the current landscape of multi-lens phones, the price is already set at a high bar. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ with two cameras starts at PHP52,990, the Huawei P20 Pro with three cameras at PHP44,990, and Light’s own L16 camera is priced at USD1,950.

So what price are they going to put on a phone with five to nine cameras? A lot, most probably.

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