Instagram is testing a small design change that could impact the lives of influencers and social media users alike.

The design change hides the number of Likes a photo has from view. According to Tech Crunch, the move will allow followers to focus on what’s being shared, rather than how many likes a post is getting. The person who shared the post will be the only one who’ll see the number of likes it has.

The change was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse-engineering expert who has spotted many Instagram changes and features before it became official.

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You can see on the image that the Like count is no longer shown, but you can still see the names of the people who liked it.

The design change is still in the testing phase and there are no assurances of it actually rolling out. According to a spokesperson from Instagram, they are exploring ways to reduce pressure on those who posts on Instagram.

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Source: Tech Crunch


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