realme will announce a new 125W fast charging technology on July 16. The news comes at the heels of OPPO’s announcement of its 125W Super Flash Charge launch on July 15.

Despite being a separate brand, realme and OPPO share many things, including the latter’s resources when it comes to smartphones. This is yet another milestone realme is bringing to its young user base.

The news was announced on realme’s Weibo account. It was also verified when realme CMO Xu Qi Chase re-posted the announcement together with numbers 1111101.

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The digits are actually in binary. And when converted to decimal, you get 125. Clever.

realme has its own branding for its fast charging technology. Calling it SuperDart Flash Charge, the fastest they have is the 65W which came with the realme X50 Pro 5G. It is also currently the fastest fast charging tech in the market right now.

OPPO first announced the 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 when it launched the OPPO Reno Ace.

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