Motorcycle barrier for back riders deemed unsafe, experts claim

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Last July 13, the government approved the use of physical barriers for motorcycle riding couples to comply with social distancing requirements.

The design that was submitted by motorcycle ride-sharing service Angkas was given the go signal by the National Task Force for COVID-19.

The contraption is a plastic barrier strapped on the motorcycle driver’s back (like a back pack), providing separation between him and the rider.

motorcycle barrier design unsafe

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) has chipped in their expertise, claiming the use of physical barriers are not safe.

The group a conducted a scientific study and the results show the barriers contribute negatively to the safety, health, economy, and environment.

According to the PSME, the barriers are not aerodynamic, causing drag that compromise the stability of the motorcycles.

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As it stands, back-riding in motorcycles are strictly for husbands and wives, common-law couples, and live-in partners only. They are required to present IDs as proof, should law enforcers ask for it.

To be able to ply the road, motorcycle riding couples are required to use barriers, face masks, and helmets.


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