MOK heat-not-burn smokeless tobacco devices available in the Philippines

MOK is a Heat-Not-Burn (HnB) device that uses the new technology to give smokers a satisfying, full-flavored experience without burning tobacco. It is a product that delivers nicotine without the harmful smoke of cigarettes.

Tobacco in itself isn’t harmful, but the action of burning the tobacco is. Once burnt, harmful chemicals are released. The smoke that comes from burning tobacco contains hazardous substances (like tar and carbon monoxide).

As the name denotes, “Heat-Not-Burn” means the technology heats the tobacco instead of burning it. The tech powering the heat-not-burn device is called the MOK HeatMaster System. Instead of burning tobacco, this system heats it at a just the right temperature using a unique heating pin. This releases a full-flavored, nicotine-filled vapor instead of the harmful smoke of cigarettes. Without ash, there’s no mess to clean up, and without smoke, there’s no second hand smoke exposure or residual smell to those around the user.

MOK heat-not-burn smokeless tobacco

By offering HnB products, MOK gives adult smokers a better alternative. MOK comes in two devices. First is MOK, a split device with pocket charger and holder for that satisfying tobacco experience. It gives up to 20 heating cycles on a full charge and has two heating modes that allow users to customize their experience. Single mode offers a longer experience time of 5-minutes for one heating cycle. Double mode offers shorter experience time of 3-minutes and 30-seconds, but in two consecutive heating cycles.

The next one is the MOK mini, an all-in-one device that delivers great flavor and performance. MOK mini is very handy and compact that it fits into pockets and small bags. This small device offers big features. It has fast preheating time at just 15 seconds. It also allows up to 12 continuous heating cycles with just one full charge, with an experience time of 4-minutes and 10-seconds each.

MOK heat-not-burn smokeless tobacco

MOK is exclusively enjoyed with COO. These are specially designed Heat-Not-Burn Sticks that offer a smooth, full-flavored tobacco experience. COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks use real tobacco leaves and come in three variants:

  • Golden Hue – balance and refined, with the classic tobacco taste
  • Blue Hue – fresh and cool flavor, with a delicate and refreshing hit of menthol.
  • New Wave Capsule – minty with a surprising lime flavor when the capsule is popped.

MOK is the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. Since the tobacco doesn’t burn, it reduces the harmful chemicals and toxins inhaled, and offers the user a smoke-free experience. Using the device feels like using a cigarette, but instead of inhaling smoke the user takes in vapor with the same flavor and nicotine strength as a traditional cigarette.

Price and Availability

MOK is available at MOK specialty kiosks in SM North EDSA and newly-opened kiosks at MetL!ve, SM Manila, and SM Sta. Mesa. Get them too from the MOK official online stores LazMall and Shopee Mall, from almost 60 major vape shops within Metro Manila such as DJ Shop, PodSource, HeatNPuff, GreenPuff, and nearly 500 branches of 711, Family Mart, and Lawson also within Metro Manila

MOK is also available in selected GrabMart hubs where delivery of orders is guaranteed within 90 minutes or less.

As for the price, MOK has an SRP of Php 3,490, and Php 2,490 for MOK Mini, while its COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks retail for Php 120 for a pack or Php 1,200 for a ream. For special offers, you can check the MOK Specialty Kiosks, LazMall, and Shoppee Mall.

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