Get up to 40% off on Logitech products in Lazada’s Birthday Sale

TL;DR: Get up to 40% off plus freebies on select products when you shop at the Logitech LazMall Official Store during the annual birthday sale event.

Regular and timely upgrades can help ensure that your work-from-home or gaming setups run at optimal levels all the time. A quick upgrade is a simple solution to wear-and-tear issues that you inevitably face with any gear, after all device durability really does degrade over time.

Sometimes, you go for an upgrade simply to be equipped with better specs that allow you to get things done more accurately and efficiently. Newer, more premium gadgets can also mean boosted comfort for prolonged use, thanks to updated ergonomic features and designs.

Logitech Lazada Sale

Boost work your from home productivity

When working from home, having the right gear makes a huge difference in keeping productivity levels up. For those without a dedicated home office space, devices that are easy to set up, use, and pack away, free from restricting wires, are truly helpful. Logitech’s MK275 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a great example. The compact mouse and full-size keyboard both have extended battery life and long range that promise virtually no delays or dropouts.

Another fantastic work from home option is the Logitech M585 Multi-Device Mouse. Capable of navigating seamlessly between two computers, this mouse allows you to easily copy and paste text, documents, and images from one computer to another. Say goodbye to tedious file transfers over the cloud, external storage devices, or email.

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With bold sound and strong bass, you can create your ideal work environment with mood-boosting music using the Z333 Speaker System with Subwoofer. This system is great for listening to media for work, and also functions well for webinars, meetings, and virtual events, where crystal clear audio is needed.

Play to win at home

Enjoy a pro-level gaming experience at home with the best Logitech G gaming gear. You can count on performance, responsiveness and durability with the G Pro X Keyboard with user-swappable pro-grade switches. Space is not a problem with this keyboard’s compact design, leaving enough room to freely move your mouse around.

Gaming requires precision and accuracy, and the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse gives you exactly that. This mouse has the perfect combination of shape, weight, and feel, and is also equipped with LIGHTSPEED wireless and HERO 25k sensor technologies, promising a great game performance.

Finally, immerse yourself completely in your favorite game with big sound from the G331 Gaming Headset. Truly experience the thrill of the game when you hear everything around you with great clarity, and be heard loud and clear by teammates and other players, too.

Whatever the reason, if gadget upgrades are currently in your wishlist, now is definitely the time to add to cart. Unbeatable deals on premium Logitech products are coming to the Logitech LazMall Official Store, right in time for Lazada’s 9th birthday sale on March 27, 2021.

Enjoy discounts of up to 40-percent on selected items, as well as various other promos and freebies, such as Logitech masks, Php 100 and Php 500 Sodexo Gift Certificates, Logitech t-shirts, Logi pouches, Valorant mousepads, and Valorant pillows, when you shop online during the sale.

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