TL;DR: Big deals from Beyond the Box and Digital Walker at the Lazada 6.6. Mid-year sale.

Digital Walker and Beyond the Box are joining Lazada’s huge 6.6 Mid-year sale from June 6 to 8, 2021. The country’s premier retailer of premium gadgets and accessories is offering up to 79-percent off on select products.

Together, the two brands are offering amazing deals, from chargers, cables, speakers, smartwatches, laptops, phones, and whole lot more.

Digital Walker, Beyond the Box Lazada 6.6. Midyear Sale

You can check out the following Lazada store pages below for more deals:

Digital Walker Lazada 6.6. Midyear Sale

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Digital Walker is one of the country’s largest retailers of premium gadgets and accessories. Carrying a wide selection of consumer technology products that range from smartphones, tablets, cameras, cases, smartwatches, headphones, earphones.

They have over thirty stores nationwide and a strong presence in the E-commerce and the Marketplace platforms.

Beyond the Box, on the other hand, is an Apple Premium Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider.


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