The 4 types of Pinoy online shoppers, according to Shopee

A survey conducted by Shopee revealed four types of online shoppers in the Philippines and their motivations for shopping online.

Shopee surveyed more than 3,000 Filipinos and found that value is the most important factor for online shoppers, with 42% of respondents stating that they are driven by the best deals and prices. 71% of them are females, ranging from 18 to 34 years of age.

There is also an emerging segment of consumers who prioritize shopping from their favored brands online. More than half of these brand lovers are around 25 years old, showing how brand loyalty is becoming key to the online shopping experience for younger demographics.

4 types of pinoy online shoppers by shopee

The four key types of Filipino online shoppers are:

1) The Sulit Shopper – Decisive shoppers who hunt for the best deals

42% of respondents are Sulit Shoppers. They prioritize finding the best deals and prices before making an online purchase. These shoppers are patient and take the time to research products, but act quickly when they discover deals they like.

Key characteristics:

  • Decisive buying: 66% browse a maximum of just five items before making a purchase
  • Deals seeking: 62% don’t typically plan purchases in advance — they shop whenever they see big discounts on products they’re eyeing
  • Regular shopping: Half of them buy something online at least twice a month

2) The Shop-and-Go Consumer – Shoppers who enjoy the convenience of delivery to their doorstep

For a lot of Filipinos, online shopping’s main draw is convenience. 17% of shoppers surveyed turn to online shopping for its ease and safety. More than half of the shoppers in this community are 30 years old. They know what they want to buy and do not necessarily spend extra time on the app, but will often make impulse purchases if they stumble upon good deals.

Key characteristics:

  • Quick decision-making: 64% browse through a maximum of five listings before they find what they’re looking for
  • Proactive shopping: Almost one in two do their own research on products by either searching online or chatting with sellers
  • Frequent shopping: 45% shop online twice a month on average, making them one of the most frequent purchasers

3) The Budol Shopper – Window shoppers who can also be spontaneous buyers

Making up 14% of respondents, the Budol Shopper refers to window shoppers who value variety and choice of products. Compared to the Sulit Shopper, the Budol Shopper browses more items on average, and are also more likely to spontaneously check out a product that catches their eye.

Key characteristics:

  • Impulsive buying: 63% will buy an item because they felt like doing so at the moment
  • Frequent browsing: 27% of window shoppers usually browse up to 15 items before each purchase

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4) The Suki Buyer – Shoppers who have a good eye for brands

Suki Buyers make up 12% of respondents, and they shop online because they can find their favorite brands easily. Unlike Sulit Shoppers, shoppers who prioritize finding the best value, brand fans are less price-sensitive. Instead, they value having a large variety of brands to choose from, as well as accessing perks and loyalty points from brands they follow.

Key characteristics:

  • Regular shopping from brands: 62% of them purchase from their favorite brands as frequently as twice a month
  • Brand familiarity: About 1 in 4 follow their favorite brands on social media in order to stay informed of latest product launches

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