The elite tournament features teams from across Southeast Asia competing for $50,000 in cash prizes and the title of Sausage Man Champions.

Sausage Man Championships

The craziest mobile battle royale shooter ever, Sausage Man, is capping off a resoundingly successful 2021 with the Sausage Man Championship. In this massive melee of mayhem, teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Thailand will descend on Sausage Island and slug it out to claim USD 50,000 in cash prizes and the glory of total victory in what will be the biggest tournament in Sausage Man history to date.

The tournament follows on the heels of last October’s All-Star Royale, a star-studded showdown featuring Southeast Asian streamers, in which Alodia and her Team Black were crowned the victors.

With Sausage Man’s competitive scene ramping up, the Sausage Man Championship will begin with the Regional Tournaments on 8 Nov, where teams from across Southeast Asia will compete with rivals within their own countries. Each Regional Tournament will carry with it a prize pool of USD 3,500.

Sausage Man Championships

Once the dust settles and the fires of glorious battle die down, the four most victorious teams from Singapore/Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Thailand will reload, regroup, and ready up for the Championship Tournament.

Commencing on December 17, this two-day showdown will crown one team as the most tenacious, determined, and merciless group of Sausage Men ever. At stake is a prize pool of USD 36,000, with the top team set to win USD 18,000.

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The stage is set for a truly epic battle. If you’re up for the challenge, register for the Sausage Man Championship right here. You can also catch the Sausage Man Championship live on November 12 at the official Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube pages.

Sausage Man Championships

Since launching in 29 June 2021, Sausage Man’s crazy blend of hardcore battle royale action with zany off-the-wall antics has attracted an army of over 20 million players and 8.7 billion #SausageMan views on TikTok.

As the mobile shooter continues its triumphant march, players can look forward to the upcoming Descent of the Gods update on 28 Oct, which will add a host of new Legend Cards that will bestow you with the powers of lightning, dark energy, and… land sharks… along with new game modes such as Hide & Seek, Sniper Showdown, and more.

Sausage Man is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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