From November 8 to 17, you can save up to Php 1,500 by simply completing your everyday transactions with your PayMaya app.

To start racking up on the savings this payday, all you have to do is complete these three missions:

Mission 1: Mission 1: Settle your Meralco bill

This PayDay, get 20% cashback of up to Php 500 when you settle your Meralco bill on PayMaya for the first time. Just make sure that you pay a minimum of Php 2,500 within the promo period.

Mission 2: Cash in to Lazada wallet

Get up to Php 500 savings for your first-ever Lazada Wallet cash-in – even before you check out all the items on your cart. Simply cash in at least Php 2,000 to your Lazada Wallet via PayMaya to get 10% cashback, up to Php 500.

Save up to P1,500 by completing everyday transactions with PayMaya

Mission 3: Complete these Smart Spending Goals

Another Php 500 savings await those who complete these smart spending goals using the PayMaya app:

  • Purchase any item worth at least Php 300 from the PayMaya Shop
  • Send money worth at least Php 1,000 to three (3) unique PayMaya users
  • Pay at least two (2) unique billers worth at least Php 2,000 each via PayMaya
  • Cash in at least Php 2,000 to your Lazada wallet via PayMaya

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To check out the full details of these #PayMayaPayDaySave missions, simply visit the Missions button on the upper right button of your PayMaya app.

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