Google is bringing Chrome OS to PCs and Macs. Named Chrome OS Flex, this version turns old computers and laptops into Chromebooks.

The coming OS is targeted at schools and businesses, hoping to entice these institutions with promises of easy installation “within minutes” and light hardware requirements.

According to this report, Chrome OS Flex will look and feel just like Chrome OS on a Chromebook. If you’ve used one before, then you know what to expect — a speedy, streamlined, and secure OS built for productivity and entertainment with Google service right at the center.

It is still in “early access testing” and as such is unstable and buggy. Google also said it doesn’t support Parallels Desktop, Google Play, or Google apps. What’s more, standard keyboard layouts and shortcuts that are built for Windows and macOS might exhibit issues under the OS.

Chrome OS

On the hardware side, you would need at least 4GB RAM, 16GB storage, and a 64-bit CPU to install.

Google also has a list of devices that can use Chrome OS Flex. The search giant says that the stable version should work on all models on that list once it’s released.

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If you want to give it a try, you can visit the Chrome OS Flex site for more information. It can be booted from a USB (at least 8GB of space is needed), should you want to check it out first before installing.

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