A bug on Google Messages causes the camera to continue running in the background that drains your phone’s battery.

According to 9to5Google, a Reddit thread reports that the issue presents itself when Google Messages is opened. In Messages, you can attach an image directly from the photo gallery or from the camera directly. The bug causes the Camera and Messages app to remain open, causing the devices to heat up and drain the battery.

On Android 12, users notice the camera running when a green dot remains on the corner of the notification bar, signifying the app is still in the background.

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If you’re affected by the bug, there are two things you can do to stop the battery drain while we wait for an official fix. One, you can stop the Messages from running in the background by manually closing the app. The other solution is to revoke Messages permission from using the Camera app. You can do this by going to Messages’ permissions settings and setting the Camera app to “Don’t Allow.”

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