Mobile game Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is open for pre-download

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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now available for pre-download in the Philippines, open to Android and iOS devices.

It is the newest Three Kingdoms Action Role-Playing Game licensed by KOEI TECMO and released by VNG Games for the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords Pre Download Philippines

If you’ve played the Dynasty Warriors 4 (2003) series on Playstation 2 or Dynasty Warriors 7 (2011) on Playstation 3, you will feel right at home, feeling the nostalgia.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is a hack and slash game, adapted for mobile from the legendary console game Dynasty Warriors which has been around for 20 years now.

The adaptation will introduce new elements, such as the Synergy Musou Skill feature where players can combine the Musou Skills of several generals in one faction to launch a powerful ultimate combination move.

Certain Generals have Karma with other Generals. Certain Generals who activate Karma can unlock the Synergy Musou Skill. During the battle, you can fill the Synergy bar to full, then tap the Skill bar to release the Synergy Musou Skill. The energy bar can be filled by defeating enemies.

Each faction has its own combination of Karma as well. You can try a combination of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, or Zhao Yun and Huang Zhong to bring out various Synergy Musou Skill.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords doesn’t just feature Synergy Musou Skills. This game also takes advantage of online access that allows players to play PVP mode in real-time against other players. PVE mode will come with various difficulty levels ranging from EASY to CHAOS such as Combined War, Army Advisory Activities, Flowers, Storms, Lightning, Fighter Skills, Great Competitions, and BOSS War – Beast.

In addition, you can upgrade and customize the Generals you have. These upgrades consist of level upgrades, star upgrades, unlock Karma, Combat Souls, enhance and forge weapons, Signets, Skins, and Mounts.

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Each general is divided into three levels, namely, SSR, SR, and R. Each General have various advantages such as attack distance or skills needed in various scenarios and battlefields.

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