PLDT, Smart deploy more Paybox kiosks for more convenient payments

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PLDT and Smart Communications have deployed more Paybox kiosks nationwide to provide a more convenient payment channel for customers.

As of June, the telco has deployed almost 200 Paybox kiosks in its stores and service centers nationwide.

Paybox is a self-service payment machine where customers can pay their landline, internet, and mobile bills by themselves, without having to line up to transact with personnel inside stores. This helps save time while keeping themselves safe, as another COVID-19 surge threatens the public.

Payboxes come with an intuitive interface, and accepts cash, credit or debit cards, Maya QR codes, and virtual change, eliminating face-to-face interaction and allowing customers to do contactless payments. Customers can also combine two payment methods for a more convenient transaction, and the only information that customers need is their PLDT or Smart account number. Payments will also be reflected real time on their accounts.

How to use PLDT and Smart’s Paybox

To pay for PLDT or Smart postpaid bills, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to a Paybox kiosk and select PLDT or Smart on the touchscreen.
  2. Input your PLDT account number or Smart mobile number.
  3. Choose a preferred mode of payment. An additional feature allows you to combine two payment methods (i.e. cash and credit/debit card), making the process more flexible and convenient.
  4. Input the amount that you wish to pay, and confirm.
  5. Once done, a payment confirmation will appear on the screen, and you can choose whether you want to print a receipt, or get a confirmation notice via mobile or email. Payments made through the Paybox are posted real-time.

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