Smart Communications has made it easier to transfer to their network without changing your mobile number with a new simplified Mobile Number Portability (MNP) process.

Joining the Smart network now takes only three easy steps. Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Get your 9-digit Unique Subscriber Code (USC) from your current network provider. Valid for 15 days, the USC serves as clearance that your account is free from unpaid fees and balances.
  • Step 2: Get a Smart 5G-ready MNP SIM and apply online. If you’re switching to a Smart Prepaid or TNT account, you can get your 5G-ready MNP SIM by heading to any Smart Store nationwide or having it delivered to your doorstep by ordering it online. On the other hand, if you are porting into a Smart Postpaid account, you can secure your 5G-ready MNP SIM by booking an appointment at your preferred Smart Store.
  • Step 3. Activate your Smart 5G-ready SIM. Upon getting your Smart 5G-ready MNP SIM and completing your MNP application, you can activate it by dialing *123# and following the steps on the screen. You will receive a text notification upon successful activation.

For those not familiar with MNP, it is a process where subscribers can transfer from one network provider to another without changing their mobile numbers. Subscribers can also switch from their prepaid account to a postpaid plan and vice-versa without changing their mobile number. If you’re open to some light reading, you can know more about it here: Mobile number porting is coming on Sept. 30; Here’s what you need to know.


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