New social app Bondee is now available in Asia

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Singaporean company Metadream launched Bondee, a new social app, across Asia. Guided by the tenet “Live with your friends,” users are enjoined to call its virtual world home.

Metadream’s Bondee social app is a new social media platform where users can interact, chat, and engage with friends and family.

Upon login into the app, you will be prompted to create your own avatar from a wide selection of designs, hairstyles, clothing, shoes, and accessories to dress up your 3D virtual image.

Once you have finalized your avatar, you can enter a virtual world where you can share your status, mood, and other aspects of your life. Likewise, your friends can share their status as well, keeping you updated on what’s going on in their daily lives.

Since it is a social app, you can also converse with your friends and other Bondee users via its own instant messaging platform. You can also visit a friend’s spaces, where you can enjoy different activities with using your avatar.

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As Bondee explains, you can see if your friends are feeling angry, excited, shocked, sad, or tired. They could also be working, putting in overtime, traveling, or eating. By using your avatar to chat with friends, you can select a status, action, or animation to spice up your interactions and build rapport.

The appeal of Bondee, according to some of its users, is its addictive and endearing nature. At the moment, you are limited to a max of 50 friends on Bondee.

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