Local discount store asked for onions as payment for one day

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Onions have become quite the commodity in the Philippines with prices reaching as high as ₱240 to ₱310 per kilo, as of February 2, 2023.

However, one local store saw an opportunity to turn the negative situation into a positive one with a light-hearted initiative that not only draws attention to the seriousness (and silliness) of overpriced onions but at the same time gives back to its community.

On February 4, Japan Home Centre announced its one-day promo, aptly named “Pay with Sibuyas” (Pay with Onions) where they accepted onions as payment for goods.

The promo took place in only one branch at 84 Panay Avenue, Quezon City. There, the store accepted onions of any kind and size as a form of one-for-one barter payment. The rules were that one onion equals one Japan Home Centre item. Each customer is also limited to only three purchases. In the meantime, they still accepted cash for the day.

According to Japan Home Centre, all onions collected on that day will be for the benefit of communities, to be donated to their community pantry.

Images: Japan Home Centr Facebook

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