Google will soon bring new AI features to its work apps

The AI features brings ChatGPT -like powers to Gmail and Google Docs.
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Google is testing AI features on Gmail and Google Docs for a small number of users. The company plans to bring additional generative AI features to its Chat, Meet, Sheets, and Slides applications by the end of this year.

With Generative AI, users can use the AI feature to create content from scratch, such as text, images, audio, and video. Google aims to use this technology to help workers with tasks such as writing documents and briefings, creating presentations, analyzing data, and communicating with colleagues.

Google is not the first company to experiment with generative AI. OpenAI, a research organization backed by Elon Musk and Microsoft, created a lot of buzz after rolling out its text-based generative AI tool GPT-3. Microsoft integrated GPT-3 into its search engine Bing this year.

Despite the convenience it brings, experts warn that generative AI can produce content that is inaccurate, nonsensical, plagiarized, or distorted, which is why users should be cautious when using this technology for work purposes.

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Google said that it will provide guidance and feedback to users on how to use generative AI responsibly and ethically. The company also said that it will respect user privacy and security while testing these features.


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