Omegle, the popular online chat service, shuts down after 14 years

Omegle, the online chat service that randomly pairs strangers for video or text conversations, officially shut down as of November 2023. The site’s founder, Leif K-Brooks, announced the decision in a farewell letter posted on

“Operating Omegle is no longer sustainable, financially nor psychologically,” K-Brooks wrote. He explained that Omegle was created in 2009 as a platform for spontaneously meeting new people, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling the basic human need to connect with others.

Omegle was designed with anonymity as a default feature to enhance safety, and K-Brooks acknowledged that while it had many positive uses, it was also misused for nefarious purposes. Recent news about the platform said that it was swarming with online predators, mostly pedophiles. According to, there was an average of one report of online sexual abuse on children every two days as of June 2023.

He stressed the responsibility to combat such misuse and explained the extensive moderation and cooperation with law enforcement agencies to address these issues. The founder also expressed concern about recent attacks on Omegle and other online communication services, arguing that these attacks ultimately harm the users who benefit from these platforms.

He defended the idea that restrictions should not unfairly target innocent users and emphasized the importance of personal freedom and self-expression. Citing the stress and financial burdens associated with operating Omegle and fighting its misuse, K-Brooks ultimately decided to discontinue running the platform after 14 years.

Omegle’s shutdown has sparked mixed reactions from its users and the online community. But it has also raised questions about the future of online communication and the challenges of ensuring safety and privacy in the digital age.

Omegle was one of the first and most popular online chat services that randomly matched strangers for conversations. The site had an average of 69.3 million monthly visits in Q1 2023.

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