Wilson unveiled a $2500 airless basketball made from 3D printing

The first 3D printed airless ball in the sports industry.

Wilson recently unveiled its latest innovation: the Airless Gen1 Basketball, a $2500 ball that does not need to be inflated.

The Airless Gen1 Basketball was made from 3D printing technologies, using a polymer material that forms a lattice structure inside the ball. This structure gives the ball its shape and elasticity, without requiring any air pressure.

According to Wilson, the ball nearly fits the performance specifications of a regulation basketball, including its weight, size, and rebound (bounce). The company claims that it is more durable, consistent, and resistant to environmental factors than traditional balls.

Wilson Airless Gen1 Basketball

The form of the ball features 8 panel-like lobes and a familiar seam structure, with hexagonal holes across the surface allowing air to pass through freely. It comes in three colors: Jet Black, Natural, and Brown.

The Wilson Airless Gen1 Basketball is currently available for pre-order on Wilson’s website.

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