This device lets you smell the games you play

It is plug-and-play and works with all gaming consoles.
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The concept of Smell-O-Vision isn’t new. It’s been around for ages. However, a company came up with a compact solution that can fully immerse you in a game or movie.

GameScent was developed to do just that. The device allows you to smell the game you play. It uses AI to approximate the scent during gameplay. It can, for instance, enhance a scene in a forest or take you to a storm. It can also allow you to experience the smell of gunfire, racing cars, or explosions.


According to GameScent, the device is powered by AI and uses scent cartridges for different smells. It has an adaptor that captures audio in real-time, which is processed by the AI to identify key cues and events. It then chooses and releases an appropriate scent.

The GameScent device is plug-and-play and works with all gaming consoles, streaming platforms, and TVs. It also has a “clean air” neutralizer that removes odors after gameplay. Moreover, it can also enhance the sensory experience of movies.

Scent cartridges include the smells of gunfire, explosions, forests, storms, racing cars, blood, the ocean, sports arenas, and fresh-cut grass.

GameScent is available in select regions with a listed price of USD 179.99 (around P10,100). It is currently on sale for USD 149.99 (around P8,400) on Amazon.

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