Epson promotes innovation for a sustainable and greener future

Epson re-affirmed its commitment to sustainability and announced new initiatives at the Fusion 15 “The Eco-Connection” at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu on May 15-17.

During the media event, the company emphasized the importance of forming an eco-connection, which represents two key elements central to its corporate mission.

First, it signifies their continuous commitment to building a sustainable future, which involves creating eco-efficient products, adopting sustainable practices in its operations, and forming impactful initiatives that benefit both people and the planet. Second, maintaining a strong bond between Epson and its partners and customers as they work together to promote sustainability.

Epson integrates sustainability in its day-to-day processes by using solar power and reducing waste and emissions in manufacturing.  The company is the first Japanese manufacturer to transition all its global sites to 100% renewable energy. Furthermore, it is working toward becoming carbon-negative and underground resource-free by 2050.

The company is also making strides in sustainable action through its partnership with WWF-Philippines. Joint initiatives such as the educational Panda Talks and the Mangrove Restoration Project have reinforced the importance of a shared responsibility to care for the environment.

A new project is also on its way, where they will provide machinery and building infrastructure for Atelier Sewing-Recycling Art Studio in Siargao Island.

Epson Fusion 15

To conclude the event, Masako Kusama, President and Director at Epson Philippines, said “At Epson, we’re not just building products, we’re building a greener tomorrow. As we celebrate 15 years of Fusion, we invite everyone to join us in this mission. Together, let’s save energy, make responsible choices, and create a thriving future for both people and the planet.”

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